Pandora's Box Music
Our repertoire includes world music from the raucous to the sublime. We also perform jazz, blues, improv, spirituals, original works, and anything else we like!

Trad. Bulgarian
A charming little tune about a frisky porcupine.
Transl. by Zlatka K. Enright:
"Jelka went to plow and sow
Down the hills came Ejko Bejko Taralejko
Over the [garden] rows he startled her
Startled her, kissed her."

Wicked Tinkers
Arr. Lorraine Ficarrotta

A bawdy Irish song from one of the wildest acts in Celtic music.

Trad. Georgian
Arr. Anchiskhati Choir
A beautiful song celebrating Spring.
Transl. by Elene Pagava and Ia Iashvili
"Spring is coming, I'm delighted.
Spring is making me drunk with its coquetry and beauty
Spring is so tender, it's diamond,
It's beautiful, Spring is so good!
Full of merriment, perfect with relief
Spring is so charming
Who can get tired of praising it?
What can be compared with the Spring? Spring is so good!
When Nature is blooming,
When the heart is full of changes,
I bless Spring.
It fills the heart with happiness. Spring is so good!"

Todd Rundgren
Another piece from his seminal album A Cappella, we've changed the lyrics to address the impacts of globalization.

It Ain't what you do (It's the way that you do it)
Melvin "Sy" Oliver and James "Trummy" Young
This song was made popular in the '40s and '50s by Ella Fitzgerald and Cab Calloway, but our version comes from the 1980s ska-influenced version by Fun Boy Three with Bananarama!

Trad. Croatian folksong
Transl.: "Beautiful Juro made the bonfire in the evening on St George's Day. With his right hand, he made the bonfire, and with his left hand, he made the wreath."
A beautiful Croatian song praising Juro, who brings the Spring.

LET Me in this ae Night
Trad. Scots
Lyr. Robert Burns
Arr. Frances Cockburn

This saucy tune is about a young couple going behind their parents' backs to get up to some hanky-panky. We made Cockburn's arrangement much more raucous in keeping with the spirit of the piece. Have a whisky on us!

Alan Pelhon & Mauris Sgaravizzi
As recorded by Paroplapi
One day ends like the others
But the wolves guard the prisons
They went out without saying anything
To go and sow fear
They went out without saying anything
Masked in shame and terror
They penetrated into the heart of the town
Without seeing who was in front [of them]
They trampled down/crushed/flattened everything
Eager for flesh and blood
They are still everywhere in the roads and fields
Watch out, because surely tomorrow
They will jump on your spine like crazy people (?)
To leave you dying [lit. without blood] in the middle (of the road)
Come, friends, we will flush out the game [ie in hunting]
In order to snuff them out like bastard rats
So that not a single one will escape
Between now and tomorrow [lit. from now until tomorrow]
A day like no other is rising
The wind blows from the plains to the woods
Crazy-drunk on freedom
The day is rising, we must help each other
One day ends like the others
But the wolves are still howling"

Trad. Colombian folksong
Arr. Julián Goméz Giraldo & Kaia

Maquerúle was a baker fellow from Andagoya, they called him "good old Maquerúle," going broke selling on credit.
Knead the bread, Maquerúle, work it out; work the bread with your hands, sweat it out.
Maquerúle isn't here. Maquerúle is in Condoto. When he returns, he'll find out his wife's gone off with another.
Knead the bread, Maquerúle, work it out; work the bread with your hands, sweat it out.
Maquerúle kneads the bread, but now he sells cash only! Maquerúle doesn't want to sell his bread on credit.
Knead the bread, Maquerúle, work it out; work the bread with your hands, sweat it out.

Trad. African-American
Lyr. and Arr. Cairril Adaire

A stirring call, written during the Bush/Cheney administration, for an end to the war in Iraq.

Trad. Irish
As recorded by The Wailin' Jennys
Beautiful song reviewing the singer's life before a final leave-taking.

Hindu Chant
Arr. Janice Bagwell & Pandora's Box

A haunting chant that transports listeners to a place of peace and joy.
Transl.: "All this creation is wholeness, oh my!"