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Pandora's Box

Our Musical Influences
Winnie: My father, Pink, '80s rock, Rebecca Sugar, Celtic music

Cairril: Billie Holliday, Connie Boswell, Janis Joplin, Judy Garland, Cab Calloway, Mahalia Jackson

Greta: Pink, Sarah Miller, Adam Lambert, Lana del Rey, Janis Joplin

Tina: John Howell, Ann DiClemente, Celtic music, Durufle

How We Work
Kaia meets weekly to rehearse. Each singer gives input on creative direction for pieces, with the vocalist who has creative ownership of the piece having the final say.


We're a fun, tight-knit, creative group of strong women always looking to develop our sound and expand our horizons. We are strong enough individually to hold down a part alone or to spot a creative opening in the middle of an improv. We carry our own weight. We make decisions through consensus wherever possible and celebrate the gift each voice brings to the ensemble. We strike a balance between classical training methods and more intuitive, spontaneous approaches. More than anything, we listen to each other and work to build a fun, creative, top-notch music environment.

About Pandora's Box
We focus on liberating our music in order to connect with each other and with you! We are dynamic performers and take you on a dizzying tour of world song as we delve into dance, religion, sex, death, politics, seasonal celebrations, and frisky porcupines! From haunting Russian folksongs to African-American gospel to the music of raucous peasants, we love to explore the many textures of the musical world and the full range of human experience. Our dynamic performance style engages the imagination as we take you on a tour of the world from the raucous to the sublime.

Pandora's Box is a Bloomington, Indiana-based vocal and percussion ensemble founded in 2018, performing world music in a variety of languages and a wide range of vocal styles. We have a long history of performing in other groups (improvisational groups, small ensembles, choral work, musical theatre, etc). We are the successor to Kaia, a world music vocal and percussion ensemble performing from 2004-2018. While our repertoire is changing a bit to focus a little more on jazz and originals, we still focus on world music from the raucous to the sublime!

Our Name
Our name comes from the Greek myth where Pandora opens a forbidden box, letting out all the troubles into the world. But she realizes what's happening and at the last minute closes the box, keeping hope protected inside. We all go through hard times but let's keep hope alive!

Our Music
Learn more about the songs we sing

Want to Know More?
• Check out our music to learn a little of the gorgeous diversity of life we get to explore. You can hear samples and even check out some full-length videos!

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